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Just Two Laps Around the Lake

Today, I ran my 2nd Half Marathon, Just a Short Run.  This was a HUGE race, with around 2,500 participants, which, admittedly isn’t an enormous race, but considering the venue, it was packed.  I ran into a friend who I haven’t seen in 2 years, Nicole.  I also met up with several other friends who […]

Really hate the update! I understand that they tried to make it more personalized. I get that you can change the settings. But, I don’t like a computer program deciding that “It’s much colder than I like”. It’s only forecast to be 2* real feel less than I chose! Rant over! Guess I’ll check The […]

Get Out While You Can

This morning was a chilly run, 24 degrees wind chill.  But that didn’t stop me.  Admittedly, sometimes that cold of a morning does, but today it was snowing when I got up.  I love running in the snow.  Last winter, I never ran in the snow.  This winter, I’ve run as much as possible in […]


Today was day 24 of my March Run Every Day challenge.  So far, I’ve been able to stick to it, even though I’ve never been able to run more than four days in a week before.  Add to this, the fact that I’ve bought Hip Hop Abs this month and am doing that every day […]

Great Minds…

Part of the enjoyment of running, for me at least, is the time to think.  Sometimes I ponder big things, sometimes really wacky ideas.  When I first started running, I thought about how much I was going to die if I took one more step running instead of walking…I don’t think that’s abnormal.  But at […]

Because I’m THAT Smart

Today we had dismal weather.  When I woke up and got dressed before 5 am, it was fine, cold, but dry.  So, I dressed for an outdoor run and headed out into the pre-dawn, pre-storm world. A little over a mile in, as I headed onto the hilly road from the school complex, I could […]

Count it out!

Since I recently decided to get serious about what I eat, I decided to download a food/exercise diary app for my Kindle.  When I first got my Kindle, I had tried a few apps out, decided to keep Lose It, and used it for about a week.  I was running then, although my only goal […]

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