Why “Stinky Mom” you ask?

Hi and welcome to my musings about me, my family, but most of all, my fitness journey.  I’m primarily writing this for me, but because I need major accountability, I wish to share with anyone who wants to read on. 

If you’re bored, or annoyed, by reading about running, you might as well move on.  If you want to read about a person who is always happy and succeeds at everything she wishes to accomplish, please feel free to navigate away.  If you think children are bundles of joy ONLY and moms should never be frustrated by their little charges or the responsibilities a stay-at-home mom has, just get on outta here.  If you enjoy humorous stories about wild kids and parenting, and a whole lot of running talk, successes and failures, and lots of food issues (as in eating too much AND the wrong things), stick around.  And, if you’re a stinky (sweaty) mom too…well, you may just identify with me. 

So, you ask, why do I call my blog “Tales of Stinky Mom”?  Well, because it’s funny, and it’s funny because it’s absolutely true, at least for a little while each day.  Normally, I don’t smell too much, but after those long runs, WOOOOOO, STINKY!  When my youngest child, Thing 4 who is now 21 months, was still nursing, he thought I was so stinky and sweaty that even though he badly wanted to be picked up after my runs, he wouldn’t even touch me.  Thing 2, my only daughter, told me not to hug her until I showered because I stunk, she was 5 then.  It’s okay though, I’d rather be stinky and happy and running then smell like roses and be depressed.  

I hope you’ll join me on my journey and cheer me on.  I promise to cheer you on too if you want, just leave a link.

Stinky Mom (aka Melanie)


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