Lucy in the Sky

Now that I have your attention, I’ll warn you that my post has nothing to do with that song, other than I played it for the kids at dinner and now it’s going to be stuck in my head….FOREVER!

I also have to confess, my eating hasn’t gone so well these past few days.  I love chocolate covered pretzels, and I bought some through our school “Spring” fundraiser when I bought the kids’ chocolates from Sarris Candies.  It wouldn’t be so bad, since I’ve been good about only having one serving for my afternoon snack (so I don’t fall asleep when my body wants to hibernate from 1 to 2), but then there’s all the random stuff I put into me that wasn’t planned for-like the very sweet cupcake after the Reflections award ceremony was not well-attended. 

“Oh, I’ll just have one” is fine in theory, but one serving of this and one serving of that does not trim the waistline.  The only saving grace was that I don’t think I snacked at all other than that cupcake yesterday (come to think of it, I spent all afternoon at the big kids’ school watching creatures pee and poop on the gym floor). 

I also haven’t been good logging my food and exercise.  It is just a hassle since I have to input each ingredient of recipes.  I want the capability to just input the amount of calories in foods not already listed if I know it.  I hate the time it takes me to “create food” or write a “recipe”.  And don’t get me started on the irritation that there’s no “jog” category in exercise.  I mean, I don’t usually walk and I am too slow to run, so I have to translate the mph in the “walk” category to be my pace.  Whatever, I just try to match my GPS or Nike + calories output to the app. 

But now I suppose I’m just whining. 

Oh, and here’s a great big share, my photo from the weekend’s half marathon…and the reason I need to be counting my calories…

My Photo Finish



  1. We got Sarris candies for the first time this Christmas (from Max’s current employer – their HQ is in PA). Awesome! Possibly even better than See’s.

    1. Yes, Sarris is not too far from us. It’s a hard call on which my favorite elementary school fundraiser is here, Sarris Candies or Square One Art (with which I can get a fabric square of my children’s art work to quilt with).

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