Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Oops, I did it again…I tried to make a reasonable FlipBelt facsimile.  What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment and obsessive to boot.  I got a lot closer to their design, I think .  I know the edging I chose (FOE rather than piping) is different, but it’s not a bad difference.  I also know how I can improve this model when I get to the next.

A few weeks ago, or maybe even months ago, I bought that material that some drifit shirts are made of, the waffle-y type, in a nice shade of blue.  I had bought it when I was on the kick of making these then…but I tried a few designs and they failed, so while I licked my wounds and reevaluated, it sat…and sat…and sat.  Today, I decided to work on them again.  I had sort of thought through the revisions I wanted to make from last time, and had an aha moment in the car two weeks ago, but with restarting the Monroeville and Surrounding Suburbs chapter of Moms RUN This Town, I’ve been busy, so hadn’t had time to actually sit at my sewing machine.  Okay, I had other things that I did work on at my sewing machine that were time sensitive, like 4 quilts for my kids’ teachers, and a thank you tote bag, but no “free play” sewing time.

The revisions I made to this model were simple, ONE piece of fabric for the belt plus the edging.  I had been trying to sew various pieces of fabric together to give it more substance, but I hadn’t tried to do it in one piece.  So much easier.  So, I finished my creative folding, and it is still really flimsy like the black belt I did a few months ago.  THAT is where the edging comes in.  Obviously, a light bulb flashed and I figured out what it’s for…stability.  This is not to say I hadn’t figured out that it was supposed to be edged.  I knew that from looking at the online photo, and from touching it at the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo I went to in early May (and met the owners/designers of FlipBelt…my best brush with celebrity so far, as obviously I think they are BRILLIANT).  Just before the Expo, I had bought some stretch piping like what they have in the picture and I verified that’s what it was when I saw them in real life.

The revision of many pieces had already been partially attached to the piping, so I tried to take it apart…not so easy when it’s done with a 3-step stitch made to stretch.  I looked for the other colors I had (I had originally bought 4), but couldn’t find them, and I’m impatient, so rather than cleaning to find them, I dug out the FOE (fold over elastic) I had bought when I made my daughter a swim suit/gymnastics leotard for her American Girl doll last winter.

Here’s my results…


IMG_4036           IMG_4037Okay, so you’ll notice that I didn’t stretch the FOE on one side because it’s VERY wavy and overstretched.  I learned from my mistake, so the second side I did stretch, and I didn’t show it, but the back seam is awful.  I think I need to seam the tube shape before I edge it next time. But all in all, the thing turned out great.  I’m really happy with it.  And, I’ll be wearing it next time I go for a run and need to carry keys or something. 🙂  And, yes, the FOE really helped with stability.  SOOOOO worth that craziness.

Anyway, happy running people.  Go get STINKY!


One comment

  1. This is awesome that you’re making your own!! Do something a little different and patent it!!

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