Running for Bling

I know, I know, I just wrote a blog post yesterday, but I had two things I wanted to write about, so here I am again today.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE earning bling at races.  There’s something special that happens when you can put a medal around your neck after a job well done.  For me, it’s especially true when I’ve achieved a PR or gone further than any other race, but honestly, I think, the more bling, the better.  Yep, I’m one of those.  AND, I have worn my medal out somewhere the next day.  I think I wore my first half marathon medal to church the next day.  I felt a little silly, but hey 13.1 miles is quite an accomplishment.

I don’t know who reads these on a regular basis, except maybe Dana from The Stone Rabbit, so you may not remember my summer activities and happenings.  First, in May, I became a chapter leader for Moms RUN This Town, Monroeville and Surrounding Suburbs.  Then in June, one of the other chapter leaders posted about The 100 Mile Club, which is a club for children.  The goal is for each child participating at their local school to run 100 miles during the school year, this is run by teachers, coaches, whomever at the school level.  During the summer, The 100 Mile Club sponsors CLUB262.  CLUB262 is run by families, just the children can sign up, but if adults want to sign up too, the more the merrier.  The goal is for each participant to run/walk/jog/sightsee 26.2 miles…the length of a marathon.  I decided to run a CLUB262 group this summer.  We had 26 participants.  We scheduled group get togethers at the school track (so we could see everyone even if we adults were running), and 21 of our participants finished the challenge.  We had a short and simple race and medals’ ceremony followed by ice pops (although it wasn’t the warmest weather).  IMG_5533

In July, I got the feeling that I wanted to be running for a reason, each and every time.  Yes, I run for my health and well-being, and yes, I run for each of my children and my husband.  Those things are always part of why I do it.  I also often run races that are fund raisers for causes I believe in.  But, I wanted a purpose, that felt true EVERY time I laced up.  I wanted to run for those who couldn’t.  Around that time, MRTT’s fearless leader posted about a group that she was a part of, called I Run 4 Michael.  This group was started for a similar reason by Tim Boyle.  He started running for Michael.  Basically, each runner who wishes to run for someone who can’t gets matched up with a child or adult with a disability.  The group does fund raise, although it is free, and it’s goal is to educate the public about differing abilities.


I was matched up with Malachi within a week.  I was still running in the CLUB262 challenge, even though I had “earned” my medal within the first 7 days of June.  After the medals’ ceremony, I sent Malachi our medal.  A few days later, Malachi’s mom posted an adorable video of him with our medal.  I can’t tell you, I was flying above the clouds.  My running MEANS something to someone outside my house, to someone whom I may never meet, but who works hard every day to accomplish things that are hard for him while most of the rest of the world gains those skills so easily.


Because I’m a bling hog, I don’t know that I’ll send him ALL my medals, I can’t promise him that, but those races that seem really relevant to him, heck yeah, they’ll be going his way.  He inspires me to run through his (and his mom, Sally’s) hard work.  I hope I inspire him to work hard to achieve his dreams.


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