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Pink Saturday: Four years and 15,000 Friends

Today my son, husband, and I participated in The Great Race.  My son and husband ran the 5k, and I ran the 10k.  For me, this was my 4th year, 3 were in the 5k, and this year.  It is always a lot of fun, despite the massive amount of runners, second in Pittsburgh to […]

Rollercoaster Week

This week is a Mommy’s week, not a Runner’s week. It started out with missed homework assignments, followed by our daughter moving up a second level in as many weeks in dance, We had some proud moments, like the 5-year-old making it to purple on the behavior chart…to some frightening moments, like waiting for news […]


This morning, I had the honor of meeting up with a few of my friends from my local Moms RUN This Town chapter.  Since we were meeting at a park where there was going to be a race a little later in the morning, we kept our run short.  We’re all training for our race […]

To Be a Better Racer: Lessons from the Finishers’ Chute

That’s it, no more griping about the race organizer this past weekend. It’s over and it’s time for me to (re)learn from my mistakes. The bottom line is that, as much as the race organizer had fault in my race results, so did I. The other fact is that most of what ailed me on […]

Race Review and the 4 Fs: Run Like a Diva

This past weekend, myself and three friends traveled and met up in Virginia for the Run Like a Diva DC Wine Country Half Marathon.  It was a weekend of FUN, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and FRUSTRATIONS.  If I focused solely on the actual race and build up for it, my gears would be stuck in that last […]

Remembering 9/11

Today I wrote this post in the I Run 4 group on Facebook.  For more information about this fabulous and inspirational group and idea, see my post here: “While today is a hard day in the nation, 12 years ago I was teaching special education preschool in a public school in Virginia about 40 […]

Who Me?

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to a local lake for swimming and fun with some of the ladies from the mom’s group in a part of and their children.  Since I have little kids, I suited up so I could go in with them.  I did not go bathing suit shopping […]

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