Who Me?

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to a local lake for swimming and fun with some of the ladies from the mom’s group in a part of and their children.  Since I have little kids, I suited up so I could go in with them.  I did not go bathing suit shopping this year.  Between money being tight and a desire to not go insane with all the things I hate about swim suit shopping, I chose to wear the suit I drove myself crazy for last year.

While at the lake, a friend of mine told me that I should not be wearing suits with skirts because I’m too small.  I agreed, but ugh, that hate of swim suit shopping.   Fast forward a few weeks.  I had taken my older kids to the pool one evening, then we decided to go the next afternoon as well… and my skirted suit was still wet.

Being the pack rat that I am, I knew I had some old suits.  Only one of those would have a skirt and I know it was in bad shape.  I pulled out my other suits.  One was far too large on me, one was cut too high (it was a junior’s cut), and one was very unfashionable, but fit.  I looked in the mirror, did a little cleaning up, if you know what I mean, and off we went.

Once we got to the pool, I had my husband snap a photo.  When I got home and scrutinized the photo, I thought to myself, “Goodness, my thighs are huge, my stomach lumpy, and my boobs are HUGE. I should never wear that suit again.”  Yes, I’m talking that 10 to 40 pounds the camera adds… geesh. The funny thing is I don’t *think* I look like that at all.  I have decently positive self-image.  Yes, I have tons of things I’d like to tone on my body, but I don’t think I look the same way in the mirror as I look in photos.  NOT AT ALL.


I think about this at times, how we see ourselves and where we get the ideas of how we look.  It’s not that I don’t scrutinize myself in the mirror on an almost daily basis.  Maybe my dressing area mirror is very forgiving.  Or maybe the camera really does add pounds.  And I know I don’t pose well to accentuate my assets and down play my negatives.  I’m sure my positive self-image is what “allowed” me to become so out of shape, but is nice to have my body image rose-colored glasses on.



  1. I have so many problems with my self image. It’s really hard to get out of. 😦 I think you look great! =)

    1. Yes, i feel lucky that i didn’t get this particular issue. I’ve watched far too many girls/ women self- destruct in response to thinking they were too ( fat, short, what have you).

  2. I don’t think you look bad in that suit, not at all!

    I hate swim suit shopping too. My suit has a skirt this year. I wonder if that’s a bad thing?

    1. I think it’s because it was mumu skirt that covered everything. A- line esce.

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