This morning, I had the honor of meeting up with a few of my friends from my local Moms RUN This Town chapter.  Since we were meeting at a park where there was going to be a race a little later in the morning, we kept our run short.  We’re all training for our race next Sunday, The Great Race.  Three of us are running the 10k, including me, and one is running the 5k.

Notice the pink socks and shoe highlights…yay, I can join Pink Saturday (although I know I’m missing Beverly’s graphic).


I really love running with these girls.  One is my friend from a Moms Group I was a part of at my church for two years, and we started running around the same time.  The other two, I met through MRTT, and we have been able to get together for several group or pair runs over the past few months, and I feel we’ve really gotten to know each other through these runs.

While we didn’t run far, or long, we were able to motivate each other to run up some steep hills.  In Pittsburgh, and the surrounding suburbs, there’s not a lot of flat areas.  Having these ladies to run with helps to push me to keep running when my quads are yelling to stop.  We’re there for one another when one of us slips off the edge of the pavement and onto our knees.  We’re there to just talk and keep one another’s mind off the stuff we each find difficult about running.

I’ve always been a solo runner.  I enjoyed races because there was someone to talk to before it started, someone to cheer me on when I was dragging, but I have to say I LOVE running with friends on these humid days, or long runs, or just when I don’t feel like getting up.

So, what gets you out the door and keeps you going on those tough runs?

Happy Stinky Running People! – Melanie

For more Pink Saturday fun, please visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.



  1. That is a great way to keep in shape with friends,. I love to walk but running is out of the question.

  2. Good luck with your race next weekend. I have a daughter that does this and so do her children. Me? Everyone says I look funny when I run, so I walk! lol!
    ♥ Jil

  3. Yay!!! I’m not the “Lone Runner” on Pink Saturday!!! So glad you joined in the fun this weekend!!

    I hear ya about how awesome it is to run with a group….it makes all the difference in the world!!! So much fun and encouragement!! Three of us ran/walked 11.75 miles this a.m.!! I wanted to hit 12, but decided to hold off. Next weekend (Fri. a.m.) we’re doing our longest run before the half in Oct…..and I wanted to “Peak” closer to the run day so we’d have a couple of weekends for shorter, tapering runs….so next Fri. we are for sure runnig 12….and I hope I have enough steam to hit 13. I just want to know how it feels to do that and if I hit that distance I’ll feel so much more prepared mentally for the half. I know many training plans don’t call for going the entire distance of a long run….but many do and I feel, for me, I want to do that.

    I can’t believe how far we’ve come since June. I’m so proud of us. . .and sure hope we continue to have lots more good running times left in us over the years to come!!

    Keep up the awesome work, Melanie, and I’m so glad you have that group!! Dana

  4. Dana, I did my longest pre-half run of 14 miles and got injured (but not actually running) about a month before my first half. I am glad I got that mess out of my way. Galloway is one of the plans that does go over your final amount. I think my longest run was supposed to be 17 miles. And for the full, I think it’s 30 (or 29).

    I’ll try to keep up on Pink Saturday links…Runners UNITED! 🙂

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