Stubborn Runners

A while back, I wrote about how I hurt my knee after a 14 mile training run.  I also wrote about how it healed in time for the 1/2 marathons I was running shortly thereafter.  What I haven’t written about is my newest trauma…a hip injury.

After The Great Race

Just after The Great Race 10k at the end of September, I noticed that the soreness I was experiencing was getting worse, right in my right butt cheek.  I was using ice after harder runs, and putting on Biofreeze when I felt pain, but nothing was helping it to go away.  So, I decided to go to the doctor and see what she said.  I called and made my appointment and asked specifically for a doctor who ran as his or her exercise.  This, of course, confused the receptionist, but after the explanation of, “I don’t want to be told that I should stop running, I want it to be fixed,” she hooked me up with a running doctor.  I went for my appointment, and after a fairly thorough physical, it was decided that I should see a Physical Therapist and then come back to be checked again at the end of my fall race season.  I had five races on my schedule at that point: Race for Pace, The Color Run, Haunted Hill, EQT Pittsburgh 10-Miler, and Turkey Trot 5M.  She also gave me some stretches to try and recommended some strength training exercises, as well as adding cross training, and recommended using an NSAID basically around the clock unless I was running a long run the next day, then I was to use Tylenol to manage the pain.

I met with a Physical Therapist the next week.  He did a thorough check up of my hips and back.  We talked about my pain (well, that was probably first, after I filled out the ever present paperwork).  He hooked me up to a machine for electrical stimulation of the area near my pain as well as heated me up.  I did stretches, he stretched my joints, it was an all-around, fun time.  He “diagnosed” me with a twisted pelvis.  Basically, my right pelvic bone was shifted so that it was higher and further back than my left.  Sometimes women get it during pregnancy and child rearing due to the stresses our bodies are under, sometimes we get it from normal wear and tear, sometimes runners get it, whatever, I have this problem.  Time to fix it, right?  At the extent of twice a week visits and twice daily exercising, stretches, and once daily strength training.

Since I started this schedule, I cancelled out the first two races.  It just wasn’t worth pushing myself at that point, they were both on the same day, and I think they were the week I started therapy.  Good thing I hadn’t registered for either yet, right?  Sometimes procrastinating is helpful.  I ran the other three races, the Haunted Hill 10k, I did slow intervals with a newly pregnant friend who wasn’t feeling up to running, the 10-miler with a friend who is rehabbing from hip surgery, although being with her pushed me faster than I had expected, and next week is Turkey Trot.  I’ve had a week of set backs from a “tweak” (certainly not a “twerk”) that I think was caused by turning poorly to pick up my toddler.  But, I feel back on track now.  My PT says I’m “over the hump” and on the track to recovery, and I see my doctor the Monday after Turkey Trot.  Here’s hoping I’m ready to train for that May marathon!

Medal and Hat from 10 miler and 10/Ten Medal from 10k

So, my question to you is, are you a stubborn runner?  How do you know when to go to the doctor?  What steps do you take before finally giving in and seeing a professional?

And now that you’ve answered, get out there and GET STINKY!!!


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  1. It it is beyond my “normal” pain, I track it somewhere. That way I know when it started. If it continues for more then a week or two I ask runner friends and get their input on what it could be and what could help. If none of that helps, I go in for an appointment.

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